Lucina Vazquez

In this "new reality", hyperconnection allows for a closer relationship with the membership, it is necessary to have more skills: greater response capacity, flexibility, strategy and passion for service. All of the above and more we find in the fresh leadership of Antonio Colorado, with actions he has demonstrated his talent.

Ma. Teresa López

José Antonio Rivera Colorado started as a member of the Club Juvenil Técnica 3, always proactive, avid in leadership development, served in the meetings, club, area and District level, showing talent as well as a high level of leadership to face the challenges that each activity demands.
This is how he manages, at the age of 26 years, to be the Distinguished Director of District 34.

Antonio Juarez

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Antonio Colorado, being a highly pleasant experience and great learning, in all the challenges that arose, such as the global pandemic, he knew how to exercise his leadership in an effective, responsible and respectful way, which allowed me realize how much Toastmasters helps us grow.
His commitment to excellence led us as a team to achieve our individual and collective goals.

Rosalba Murillo

From my experience as Club President and Area and Division Director, I can say that Toño Colorado has stood out as a passionate Toastmaster and a charismatic leader. During his performance in different leadership positions, he has shown great strategic ability, resilience to challenges and the human quality that he inspires.

Carolina Torres

Excellent leader, unconditional friend, loving son, intelligent, charismatic and of course handsome, are some of the characteristics that stand out.
Antonio Colorado has been a great pillar for Toastmasters International in Mexico, as he has always had a great attitude of service and teamwork. He has shown leadership and being a good strategist in each opportunity.
I am sure that in his following service opportunities he will demonstrate his great capacity and his high managerial development necessary in our organization.

Dalia Flores

Toastmasters brings you extraordinary, honest, and well-rounded people; From a common member to an international leader, we know José Antonio Rivera Colorado, who does not distinguish in his treatment, always ready, always promoting learning from the trenches, but above all raising the true leadership of Toastmasters, servant leadership.